About Us

Safe Homes for the Elderly and Disabled


SHED, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) working to strengthen housing equity for low- to moderate-income residents of University City and the surrounding area. We partner with local nonprofits, faith-based organizations, academic institutions, city government, the school district, and other area service providers to fulfill our mission to build stable foundations for accessible and inclusive communities. Through our programs, we provide home maintenance and occupied rehab in order to maintain quality affordable housing and to support home ownership. In addition, we partner with the school district to provide career pathways in the skilled trades for high school students. We are a resident-led organization. Our primary service area is the 3rd Ward of University City, which includes the neighborhoods north of Olive Boulevard.

what we do

Since 2009, SHED has partnered with volunteers from faith-based organizations and the City of University City to provide home maintenance to University City seniors and people with disabilities. In the past decade, we’ve responded to more than 550 requests and served over 400 homeowners with more than 1,800 volunteers working 5,000+ hours. Our volunteers have completed work such as painting, fixing decks, cleaning and repairing gutters, yardwork, and other exterior repairs.

In recent years, SHED has expanded in scope to serve low- to moderate-income residents regardless of age or ability status. Through partnership with the University City School District, we hope to create home-grown career development opportunities and pathways to jobs in the skilled trades for University City high school students.

With a new board of directors, SHED is building capacity. We’re transitioning to a place-based community development corporation (CDC) in order to broaden the scope of our work to address housing equity with additional programming.

Our goal is to generate more lasting, positive effects in the community.

where we work

Historically, University City has been known as one of the most racially and socioeconomically diverse communities in the St. Louis region. We see this diversity as an asset to our community. We serve University City residents in need of home repairs. We also strive to create pathways to home ownership and provide job training for local youth, the next generation of University City residents.

There has been a sharp increase in single-family rentals in the 3rd Ward since the recession of 2008, meaning that home ownership has dropped off due to outside, often out-of-state, investors. Our goal is to strengthen our neighborhoods through home ownership for University City families.

The 3rd Ward housing stock is solidly built and affordable, but aging. We believe that with the right investment, this housing stock can continue to build wealth for University City homeowners long into the future. This is a critical component to the work of racial equity in University City.