SHED: A History

In 2009, Don Stuerke, a Meals-On-Wheels volunteer, convened a group of local faith-based organizations to discuss his concerns about the conditions of seniors’ homes in the University City area. This group became Safe Homes for the Elderly and Disabled (SHED), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Each group had a representative on the board of directors, and SHED coordinated with 17 faith-based organizations and several other nonprofits to perform volunteer projects for seniors and people with disabilities who were struggling to maintain their homes.

Over the next 10 years...

SHED responded to more than 550 requests, serving nearly 400 homeowners. The volunteers performed work such as painting, fixing decks, cleaning and repairing gutters, yardwork, and other exterior repairs. SHED raised about $30,000 in that time for supplies and tools from a variety of grants and public and individual donations. SHED participated in neighborhood “sweeps”, where volunteers worked on an entire block for a day, and partnered with the City of University City on the annual Make a Difference Day.